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Monday, October 30, 2006

And we're in...

As it's been a very long day, and I have to catch a plane back to New York early tomorrow morning, this will be a short public service announcement.

Swissy Pie has moved into our new apartment!

At the moment, our furnishings are rather sparse. No bed, no clothing armoire - in case I haven't mentioned it, few apartments in Switzerland have built-in closets. We had to borrow a rug and a tiny clothes rack from his parents, who also helped us unpack the kitchen. And boy, was there an awful lot of it to unpack! He has about a million coffee mugs, dozens of wine and beer glasses, knives and kitchen gadgets by the handful, and several gorgeous sets of tableware. (Not metrosexual? Yeah, right.)

I don't know how I'll manage to get my stuff in there too. What to take? What to leave?

But that's a problem to consider when I'm less tired.



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