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Monday, October 16, 2006

Off to Switzerland

Heute fliege ich nach der Schweiz! Since I haven't seen Swissy Pie in about a month, I'm really looking forward to the visit. I'm also curious to see how this trip goes. The last time I went, in August, I was more or less a tourist, going to scenic places like Luzern and taking tons of photos. What will I think, now that it's not so novel? And how has my German held up, given I haven't spoken it in weeks? (Though I have done plenty of writing: Sehr geehrte Frau -----)

We'll still be cycling, though I'm not in any shape to go up mountains right now. This time I'm going to rent a bike there, since Continental charges $95 each way to ship a bicycle, and that's simply egregious. Instead, I'm using half my baggage allowance for my own clothes, and the rest for stuff he couldn't take on the plane with him when he left, like his fancy cameras, and some bulky coats. (That boy has so many coats that I sometimes wonder if he's gay. Then I remember there's a term for it now: metrosexual, though in other respects this doesn't apply to him at all.) All I can say is, this time I'd better not get stopped by customs, because it'll be a royal pain to get the bags closed again.

Of course, we'll have to take care of business, as well. On Wednesday we have a meeting with the owner of the charming apartment. Though he has complained about this - "Since when do the Swiss interview for apartments?" - it's actually nice, in a way, since now I get to see the space in person. (And maybe we can tour some German wineries while we're up there.)

I guess I should take advantage of the proximity to do some job hunting, too. If I can understand any of the postings...



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